Creating art is fun, cathartic, illuminating, engaging, frightening .... and extremely satisfying. The pleasure I get from creating a something from the distilled ingredients of paper/canvas, color, & imagination is impossible to put into words. A whole day can pass without my being aware of much of anything beyond the images coming to life under my hand. The troubles of the world fall away. Disappointments evaporate. Life is condensed into the magic of this creative process! 
Hand-drawn with the help of compasses & various shape guides, these paintings are designed to be meditative and inspirational. Filled with intricate patterns and shapes in vibrant colors, each one is a journey into our subconscious. My inspiration springs from the works of Native American, Mexican, & South American cultures as well as the traditional mandalas of Tibet. The works in this gallery are all done in acrylics on either canvas or vellum. 
People, Places, & Things:
I started creating art by designing geometric works, partly because I was insecure about my ability to create realistic images - but mostly because I loved the way I could play with the illusion of depth, line, and color flow. They were meditative exercises for me - and also for those who have viewed them. 

In the past year, however, I have begun to explore outside the box of geometric design. The beauty of the Internet is that you can find courses on almost any subject, and art is no different. (I have posted links to some of my favorite online classes/workshops, for those of you who may be interested.) This gallery is a collection of some of my work to date. It is evolving as I do - and as I gain more skill and confidence. It is so amazing to realize, after more than half a century, that I actually can draw objects realistically ... at least, somewhat. 

I created this gallery as a way to encourage others to push themselves ... to let go of their "beliefs" about their own talent. We can only have fun being creative if we are willing to take risks, to put ourselves out there, and to never ever let the critics spoil our fun. After all, we must never let our mind keep us from having a good time!

Please respect that these are images of my original work. They are protected by law. No permission is granted, express or otherwise, for their use by others in any form, unless stated in writing in the information for a specific work.

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