Long Long Ago ....
I was just starting my journey. Full of innocence & wonder & dreams,
I looked into the future & wondered what waited for me.
As it turns out, lots. Like most everyone, there was both good & bad to experience - all of which left their mark & went into the stew that is ME. 
Today ....
Learning acceptance & having a sense of joy & wonder about the "stuff" of everyday life has changed everything! 
Are they lessons I can pass along to others?
Not likely ... personal evolution is as much a mystery to me today as it ever has been. But I do know that I am happier now than I ever thought possible.
Born long long ago in a land far from where I live now, I grew up a free spirit in a loving and rowdy environment. Third of four children, I had the benefit of siblings who went before me and paved the way. My parents were loving and generous with their time, especially my mother - who was a wonderfully creative person. 

Once I got over the disappointment of learning that I could not grow up to be a wild horse, I began the search for a suitable replacement dream. Not an easy task, believe me! Writing was an obvious choice for someone with the love of words (or perhaps just a love of talking?), and I took that with me to college as a journalism major ... which became an anthropology major ... which became a social sciences major ... which - well, you get the idea.

Somewhere in there, I wandered through a variety of art-related classes: photography, art history, textiles (which came in handy when I made an elaborate stuffed serpent coiled around an apple as part of a project in an unrelated class). All in all, I had 15 separate majors before I finally realized that I was not going to find the answers in a classroom.

The best learning, in my opinion, is done organically as we go through our daily lives: dealing with stress & loneliness, love & loss. Every experience teaches us - if we are willing to listen and pay attention. For a long time, I didn't do any of that. I lived in my head and the world went on around me, for I figured if I couldn't understand myself through external means then surely the answers must be inside!  I began to discover other ways of looking at the world through the writings of ancient cultures.

The ancients were onto something when they taught that we need to be present with our lives. It is a strange concept to Western minds, I think, but it has taught me so many lessons: that no path is more valuable than another; that all of us are inextricably connected & enriched by connection with each other; that when we honor and respect ourselves - and every other living being - then there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.

So ... I am whoever I show up as at any particular moment. Perhaps today I will create art .... or a delicious meal ... or I will play with my granddaughter & daughter .... or I will sit under the stars & drink wine with the most important person in my life. I am rediscovering myself every day - in gratitude to the Universe for allowing me another breath and another thought and another smile. 
Copyright Karen Grabowski (c)2017, All Rights Reserved.