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crossroadsAt some point in your creative pursuits, you will find yourself at a crossroads. It most often happens after you have dabbled long enough with classes, books, videos, etc. and you are starting to have some personal opinions about your own art. This is a great thing! Being at a crossroads provides you with an opportunity to fine-tune what you like about your creativity and throw out what you don’t – because all the stuff you don’t want is just distractions. (Click title to read more.)

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Those of us who daArt Study Signbble (seriously or not) in creative pursuits often reach a point in our development when we think about selling what we create. Why wouldn’t we? Our friends and family – and often strangers – provide positive feedback. We may even have had people purchase something we have made. We can find lots of examples, too, online of people who are successfully (or so it seems) selling their work – which appears to be similar in quality to what we are doing. Sounds like a great idea: get some financial reward for all that hard effort, right? Well, maybe. (Click title to read more... )



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In art, as in life, our opinions about whether a piece of art has value is often based on our own experiences. Whether we recognize it or not, we are exposed to an enormous amount of visual material every day all day long. From the art on the menu in a restaurant – or on its walls – to the covers of magazines and books, product labels and advertising. Art is everywhere.

wine artMost of this kind of art is, admittedly, registered by our subconscious but rarely brought into our conscious awareness. Which is kind of a shame because we can buy products we don’t really want or need just because we are drawn to a graphic that some part of us finds appealing.

There is a more important reason to try to raise your awareness about the art that surrounds you, though: Art has a bigger function in the world than as a marketing tool. It serves to remind us of our own humanity, of our greatness & our weaknesses, of our inner beauty and/or ugliness. Without that reminder, we run the risk of losing that very humanity which we value so much. (click Title to read more...)

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spaceThank you for finding me in the vastness of the virtual world!

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