A collection of original images
in a variety of styles & techniques.
They were created to
speak to us viscerally about
our lives & attitudes, our
beliefs & fears, and
how we face ourselves 
& the world with courage,
hope & love.


A picture really IS worth a thousand words!
Still, sometimes I enjoy putting them
both together as creatively as I can
while I think my way through
living a full & happy life!
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Everything Else

Creativity - and letting go - don't
have to happen as a result of art, writing, 
music, & theatre. We can learn to blend
creativity into every activity in a day,
if we allow ourselves to activity
BE HERE and pay attention. 
Here is a collection of resources,
links to sites where creativity is fostered
or the quirky & strange & fascinating
abound. Enjoy!
Copyright Karen Grabowski (c)2017, All Rights Reserved.